CHINESE NEW YEAR datang lagi..Tikus datang menggantikan Babi...kan Jo? Just want to wish Ms Low, Mdm Grace , Ms Jo Jo and not forgetting our beloved students and their families.
"May wealth always comes your way
may you have nothing but good fortune this coming Chinese New Year"

SKCBN1 SPORTS DAY - 23rd February 2008

Greetings ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys!

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Our HOTTEST upcoming event will have to be our SPORTS DAY!
Yes it is that time of the year again when sports teams will battle it out to emerge as school champion.
Students are scurrying everywhere juggling between studies and sports practices. Teachers are busier than usual; suddenly all of them transformed from normal teachers to dancers, choreographers, music editors, marching trainers, personal athletic trainers and even fashion designers!

Parents are also competing against one another. Yes really! This year we have decided to give parents from each team full responsibility in decorating their respective tent. Some teams have already begun planning, so let's work everyone no time to waste!

These are the sports events that cause bloodbaths every year:
  • Tent Deco
    • Parents will team up with the teachers and attempt to create the most interesting sports team tent. Marks are given based on theme, creativity, comfort and safety. Come on parents! Let's show the kids your superpowers in turning a dull tent into a grand palace!
  • Gymnastraeda
    • A fusion of dance, cheer and music. This is one of the most anticipated sports events every year. 25 students are chosen to represent each team to present the best choreography, which is not to exceed 4 minutes.
    • Dang Anum a.k.a Red Team has been the defending champion for 5 consecutive years under the guidance of Cik Tengku Noor. Let's see if they'll uphold their glory because all teams are looking extremely challenging this year. May the best moves win!
  • Marching
    • 30 students from each team are chosen to participate in this event. Practices are strict and the drills are grueling. Yes, only the TOUGHEST will survive. This event has managed to bring out leadership qualities in many girls, causing them to be more disciplined, and emphasizing on teamwork. If one girl looks bad, the whole team looks bad.
    • Every year our marching parade consists of colourful costumes and creative props. Each team trying to impress the judges with their synchronized movements and catchy themes.
Chinese New Year is approaching.
For your information, school holidays start on 6th February and ends on 10th
11th February (Monday) is a school day!
So plan your holidays wisely alright ;)

The zone level chess competition is scheduled on 3rd - 6th March 2008!
Get your strategies ready girls!

Choral Speaking and Choir practices have been rescheduled to THURSDAYS not Tuesdays.
  • Choir: 1.30 - 2.30pm
  • Choral Speaking: 2.30 - 3.30pm
Additional classes for Year 6 students are held on every MONDAY and WEDNESDAY,
1.30 - 3.30pm. Attendance is
COMPULSORY. It's good for you anyway.

A reminder to all students:
Please wear your sports attire this coming Monday (4th February 2008), we will be having sports rehearsals and trainings. Don't forget!