Haha. That's a cute tikus. Yes you're right. Thanks yea. I want angpows!!

Oh no! Now everyone knows my identity. I can't "kutuk" anyone here already! Hehe.

It's so pressuring typing posts in this blog, everything must be in correct grammar and spelling. If not, I'm sure my bosses will fry me, right Kak Liza?

Every time I feel like typing 'OMG' I stop myself ;)

For those who are wondering, OMG is Oh My Gosh.
I shall give parents some online tuition on internet language here.
Okay, gtg! Bye!
*gtg = got to go



By Ticer Liza Yacob said...

i'll give u the angpow but u need to put the money yourself ya. OK Jo?

Anonymous said...

haha.. ceh.. if like tat xpe la.. i lg byk angpow.. LOL!..

Anonymous said...

hepi chinese new year jo ..

hope u hape alwiz

ha makan makan besar tak nak ajak i ker ????

Anonymous said...

haha..meh la tpg.. i bwk gi jln2.. ;) I LOVE U ANN!!!

By Ticer Liza Yacob said...

huh...why love ann only? she won't give extra marks to yellow ok..

ann said...

kak za jgn jeles laa
jo jo tue memang mcm 2 ....
korang2 sporting laaa