The Education Department of Kuala Lumpur has come up with an Intervention Test for all Year 6 students in the state. These tests are carried out simultaneously by all schools in Kuala Lumpur. We have begun our test today.

Tests Schedule:
  • Monday (18/2/08)
    • Bahasa Melayu Paper 1 and 2
    • Mathematics

  • Tuesday (19/2/08)
    • English

  • Wednesday (20/2/08)
    • Science



ann said...

all standard six girls please do your best .. hope this year will give the best result ... study smart... what ever will be will be the futures not
ours to see

Anonymous said...

thanks Puan Raihan....doakan kejayaan kitaorang...:)

Anonymous said...

hahaha... die year 6 DIEEE!!! UPSR TIS YEARRRRR.. HOHOHO!!

Anonymous said...

my dearest year 6 girls...
my advice to all of you!God helps those who help themselves; so work hard after your sports, be focused
at all times.
Every nite I say a special prayer for all of you that God watches over u........

Petrina Low

Anonymous said...

thanks miss low...we will try our best for our UPSR...

Anonymous said...

To all year six girls, the difference between a"smart girl" and a "not so smart girl" is attitude. Antara rajin dan malas. Yang pandai akan menjadi lemah jika malas dan yang lemah akan menjadi pandai jika rajin.Kita ambil contoh rumah merah. Fikirkan jika tak cukup latihan dalam gymnaestrada boleh tak menang? Begitu juga dalam pembelajaran. Take one topic at a time, study and do exercises on the topic selected, see if you can answer the questions on it. I am pretty sure you can. Try and let me know! Bila kita penuhkan diri dengan ilmu, pressure akan berkurangan.