On the 30th April 2008, two very important competitions were carried out simultaneously at two different venues.

The State Level Choir Competition was held at SMK Seri Mutiara, Cheras. This competition involved both primary and secondary schools. Five schools were shortlisted from both primary and secondary level to compete for a place in the National Level Choir Competition to be held in Putrajaya, in June. Our school has defended our title as State Champion for the fourth year! Congratulations to all pupils, parents and trainers!

The State Level Bercerita Competition was held at SK Jalan Kuantan 2. Nur Qarina bt Ahmad Marzuki represented our school in this competition. She emerged as Zone Champion a day before the State Level Competition. Lo and behold, she managed to bring back the trophy as State Champion out of eight schools from all four zones in Kuala Lumpur. Congratulations Qarina! Lets make sure you maintain your consistency in every other aspect in school, alright?

That's all folks. Aren't the teachers and pupils in SKCBN1 very multi-talented? Although the school sometimes suffers shortage of electricity, with not-so-conducive learning environment and not perfect in many ways, we still managed to be at the top. So parents, aren't you glad your children are in this school? Let's lessen the complaints and work together to make our school YOUR school as well. Peace.


Anonymous said...

Well girls and teachers, what can I say. You are simply the best. Well done. Let us be the national champs this year ok!

Qarina, you did well girl! CONGRATULATIONS and well done mummy Juju. Let us also be the national champs in this competition ok

I truly believe that if we work hard and pray hard success is not impossible. This has been proven time and time again. Come on all CBNers (1) we can do it!

Anonymous said...

Rome wasnt built in a day.This is a testimony to all the hardwork students and teachers put in plus the great support from parents.WELL DONE.I dare say cbn1 is the number 1 school in THE COUNTRY.