Action Song

Pasukan action song telah berjaya mengalahkan 8 buah sekolah lain sekitar Wilayah, untuk mewakili Wilayah ke peringkat Kebangsaan. Syabas dan tahniah diucapkan kepada mereka.

Pertandingan telah didakan di Pusat Kecemerlangan Sukan, Cochrane pada 16 Jun yang lalu.


i love u said...

so so proud of u, girls. A big thank you to d parents who helped and contributed $$, time, sweat and tears in making this Action Song a success. Thank you.Let's put our fingers cross for d Action Song National Level in Perlis. Work hard and pray hard in order to see the bigger glory for CBN1. CBN1 BOLEH!!!!

Anonymous said...

Our girls were outstanding. The team was the clear winner! I am not biased ok. It is true!
Good Luck angels! You can do it again! Great job to all involved! Keep up the team cooperation spirit between teachers and parents...that is our winning formula.
A little bit of advice. We have reached a standard where people are looking for loopholes, faults and minor errors. Don't let them find any! We have to cover all areas. We have set such high standards in our performances. Keep it up!

sheeta said...

Congratulations Girls...So proud of you all. CBN really amazing, splendid!!!

Go CBN Go!!!...