Attention to all parents~
Please remember this year the fate of the sports tents, is completely in your hands.

It is up to you whether your respective tent will end up looking fabulous, or hopeless.

It is up to you whether your respective tent will contribute precious marks to your sports team, or contribute to the embarrassment of being the worst.

It is up to you whether your children will have a comfortable shelter, or get burnt mercilessly under the sun.


Come and support our SPORTS DAY!

KIDS! Keep bugging your parents until they agree to come. LOL!

Tun Fatimah
- Tent Deco Champion for 2005 & 2006. 2007 - no competition.
This year? Try to bring them down, if you're up for it!

Tun Teja - Marching Champion for 2006 & 2007. This Year?

Dang Anum - Gymnastraeda Champion for 2006 & 2007 ? This year?


ann said...

hai jo jo
thanks coz masukkan info yang u banyak masukkan ialah info sukan ..

Anonymous said...

skang kan ms sukan.. so i msk la ttg sukan..

grace said...

Feeling Good and proud to read but sad to see d yellow hse there. Hope d red hse parents will work hard this year in order to take over d "location" of that photo after sukan Day. Have a blessed Chinese New Year, Jo2.

By Ticer Liza Yacob said...

welcome mrs phua...Happi Chinese New Year.

ann said...

waa mrs phua pun ada
tak sangka laa
best laa lepas nie ramai masuk

tak marah laa
sajer je
jgn kecik ati ok ..

Anonymous said...

excuse meeee gRaCe~~ ur red hse win cheer so many yrs ady wei.. so decoration is oURs!!!! wOOoO~~~ hahaha... jokin la..

may e best house wins!!!!!!

grace said...

thank you joaan, i saw my beautiful photo finally. u'ii get my ang pow soon. If you put more photos of mine, u will get more..........hem. hem.... u know i know lah!

Anonymous said...

Dear Grace, sorry to dissapoint you again. That picture will be replaced by yet again the yellow house tent. It is fair isn"t it? We trade 1st place next year ok, between house-deco n cheer.