Hello everyone!

We'd like to announce that we have our own Windows Live Messenger account.
So for those with MSN Messenger and Windows Live Messenger, you can add us at


There, you can ask us questions whenever you see us online.
This way, it's much easier to interact with students and parents as well.
See you!

DIGI mobile manners 2008

DIGI Mobile Company gave a short talk to our students on mobile manners. It was a fun and educational talk.

Students were given goodies from DIGI and were given chances to win more in short quizzes and games. Short skits were carried out and students were asked to guess which place is it that we are not allowed to use our mobile phones.

The DIGI Yellow Man appeared during the later part of the talk. He managed to entertain students and teachers with his comical acts.

MSSMKL Netball Clinic 2008

Our school is hosting the MSSMKL Netball Clinic 2008 today. Teachers and coaches from schools all over Kuala Lumpur were in invited to attend this clinic. Rules and regulations of the game were explained and basic netball training were introduced to the teachers.

This is to help teachers and coaches prepare the students for the upcoming MSSMKL Netball Competition on the 28th February 2008. GO CBN1!!


The Education Department of Kuala Lumpur has come up with an Intervention Test for all Year 6 students in the state. These tests are carried out simultaneously by all schools in Kuala Lumpur. We have begun our test today.

Tests Schedule:
  • Monday (18/2/08)
    • Bahasa Melayu Paper 1 and 2
    • Mathematics

  • Tuesday (19/2/08)
    • English

  • Wednesday (20/2/08)
    • Science